Easy Traditional Japanese Clear Soup Recipe

Traditional Japanese Clear Soup Recipe | Made which has a flavorful dashi stock base, this Japanese Clear Soup features shiitake mushrooms, daikon, carrot, and sweet potato. Perfect being an appetizer until the main meal or being light meatless lunch!

Allowed me to start this post by saying that I want recipes that require advance preparation. Specially when hard-to-get ingredients or equipment are involved. I already expressed my love to grocery shopping in some of the earlier posts. Not those boring store visits to uncommon staples but strolling through, if, Asian or Indian sections or benefiting from exotic fruits and veggies.

It’s further exciting when We would like what are impossible to get in my country. Not into my local store, not into my town, inside whole freaking country! That’s certainly not a hard-to-find occasion given the strength of Lithuania. As a result of globalization, I could easily order products We would like with many clicks with the mouse. This was the case on this Traditional Japanese Clear Soup Recipe.

Traditional Japanese Clear Soup Recipe

Traditional Japanese Clear Soup Recipe

I first encountered this delicious soup at your local Asian restaurant somewhere monthly ago. It turned out simple yet utterly satisfying. After getting home I immediately started looking to the recipe. It wasn’t a situation – amongst my books been with them (Washoku: Recipes of your Japanese Home Kitchen if you are interested). The issue was elsewhere. Their email list of ingredients included 3 (!) items I wasn’t able to find in local grocery stores. Local internet shops didn’t encourage them either.

Those ingredients were: Kombu (edible seaweed), Katsuobushi or Bonito flakes (dried and shaved into fine flakes tuna), and Mirin (sweet rice wine). The first two, unheard in my experience before, are expected to earn a famous Japanese stock used in a great many recipes called dashi. Sweet rice wine, alternatively, caught my attention often times before (it’s a critical condiment with the Japanese cuisine) but I usually either skipped it or substituted with something else.
I needed for making Japanese Clear Soup really badly so I ordered your exotic ingredients online. Monthly later I had produced them readily available and here I am sharing this beautiful recipe with you today, guys!

One or two words for the clear soup tradition in Japan. Suimono – that’s how such a soup is termed inside land of ever rising sun. It may be of two sorts: a couple ingredients swimming in an ocean of broth or a bit more filling one like we are familiar with inside Western world. I’ve chosen the latter because I usually have that fear to implement a few ingredients inside recipe.

There is no one variety of ingredients to the Japanese Clear Soup. Some add shrimp or fish and even chicken or pork, others prefer a meatless version. Some add tofu, others skip it. Mushrooms could be also added or left out. Veggies – any work extremely well for this purpose soup. Daikon, snow peas, carrots, bok choy, bamboo shoots, and the list goes on and on. Just one ingredient present with all clear soup recipes is dashi, a stock I referred to earlier.

The version of soup I made includes daikon (thanks to my local store for possessing this veggie available because I’m not sure you can purchase veggies for international shipping), carrot, shiitake mushrooms (the original recipe used naméko but I wasn’t able to find them; not just a biggie, I guess), and, surprisingly, sweet potato. In case the author with the Japanese book included a non-Japanese veggie, this in essence means which you can use anything you like for this purpose soup.

A light version of Japanese Clear Soup is typically served right after the appetizer as the best span of the whole meal or alongside sushi dishes. In case the soup is larger (like our version), it could be served being entremets to check fish or meat. I simply been with them being light but quite filling lunch. It is dependent on the strength of the serving, though. Born to run purports to serve this recipe for 4 people, while We would say it’s a lot more like for 2.

Was it worth getting your rare ingredients for making this soup? You bet. Determine even explain that wonderful taste. Dashi stock is so flavorful. Slightly smoky, mildly sweet, unique! If you have not tried dashi before, you’ve to. The soup is furthermore filled with mushroom flavor with the veggies complementing it wonderfully. An obvious must-try!

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